A chance meeting between a bar owner with ties to the French Quarter mafia and a young transient leads to the fiery deaths of 32 people at a gay night club in 1973 New Orleans.

Industry Reader Feedback...

"renders the experience of being gay in the 60s and 70s with a level of authenticity and nuance that is at times, breathtaking"
"raises a compelling theme of the search for identity that transcends the story's period setting"
"The dialogue is well characterized, economical and rich with subtext"
"GENE AND RODGER is a very strong script...and may also have some significant commercial prospects"
- Blacklist Evaluation #1 (8.0 avg.)

About the Screenplay...

Gene and Rodger is based on the events that led to the Up Stairs Lounge fire in 1973 New Orleans.

The screenplay for Gene and Rodger was written by Joseph Craig & Jason Rein of Atypical Tales and is currently on a quest to find the means to get it realized into a feature film.

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